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Community Planning Permit Application

You are beginning the application process for the Community Planning Permit. Before you begin, we recommend reviewing the application checklist at the bottom of this page to ensure you have all the necessary information to complete it. Once you have all the items ready, click "Continue" at the bottom of this page to proceed to the application.

Saving your progress

You can save the form at any point before submission by clicking the 'save' button at the bottom of the application page. A link will be provided to you with your partial application, which you can access and complete at a later time.

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Have you completed a Pre-consultation?

Applicants are required to request a pre-consultation with staff of the Planning Department prior to the submission of this application to gain preliminary planning review and direction. If you have not already, please reach out to the planning department at for further details on the pre-consultation process and fee.


The following items will be required to complete this application and make a complete submission to the Planning Department at the Township of Lake of Bays:

 Reference to your pre-consultation file number and supporting documents including comments from Planning staff.

 Application fee in cash or by cheque, made payable to the Township of Lake of Bays, or e-transfer to and reference property address/roll number/owner's name in the details.

 Signature Form – Agent Authorization and Affidavit (if applicable)

 Signature Form – Owner Affidavit

 Signature Form – Permission to Enter (site visit)

 A copy of the property Deed showing ownership and any registered rights-of-way.

 Photos of the subject lands and buildings/structures on the property. If the property has water frontage, submit shoreline photos with the application.

 A detailed plan, drawn to scale, showing the information below. When required by the Township, the plan shall be signed by an Ontario Land Surveyor, but otherwise, a hand-drawn sketch to scale will be acceptable. Dimensions must be shown on the sketch and may be submitted in either imperial or metric measurements (refer to sample sketch).

The plan should show the following information:

  • The boundaries, dimensions, and acreage of the lot.
  • The location, size and type of all existing and proposed buildings and structures on the subject lands, indicating the distance of the buildings or structures from the front, rear, and side lot lines.
  • The location of all-natural and artificial features on the subject lands and adjacent lands that may affect the applications, such as buildings, septic systems, wells, railways, roads, watercourses, drainage ditches, river or stream banks, wetlands, slopes, wooded areas, etc.
  • The location, width, and names of any roads within or abutting the subject lands, indicating whether they are public travelled roads, private roads or rights of way, or unopened road allowances.
  • If access to the subject land is by water only, the location of the parking and boat docking facilities to be used.
  • The location and nature of any easements affecting the property.

If required by the Township, applications must be accompanied by one or both of the following drawings:

  • Plans showing the location of all buildings and structures to be erected and showing the location of all facilities and works to be provided in connection with them and all facilities and works required by the Planning Act.
  • Drawings showing plan, elevation, and cross-section views for each building to be erected, which drawings are sufficient to display the massing and conceptual design of the proposed building.

NOTE:  Issuance of a Community Planning Permit does not relieve an owner from the requirements of the Building Code, Septic System, or other applicable approvals.

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 *Notice of Collection: The personal information you provide on this form is being collected pursuant to the Municipal Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act. The information you provide will be used to process your service request and may be used for contact purposes. Questions about this collection should be directed to the Freedom of Information Coordinator via email or phone at 705-635-2272.

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